George, a graduate of two of our programmes

Hot off the press: three year review and business plan

Liz and Bob started Foundation for Change in 2014 with two laptops and an idea. Since then we’ve come a long way. We’ve published a review¬†celebrating all we’ve achieved in the last three years.

We chose George, a graduate of two of our programmes who has gone on to work in the drug & alcohol field and whose story we hope to feature soon in an interview for our website. You can read interviews with other inspiring graduates on our news page.

The report highlights our excellent completion rate and track record delivering courses that provide the building blocks, resources and tools that help individuals live happier and more meaningful lives.

We also look ahead to 2020 as we launch a new business plan to develop more groundbreaking training, partnerships and initiatives enabling life change through education.

Download and read our review and plans for 2017 – 2020.

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