Signing off for 2014

We are signing off for 2014…

We finished our second FfC NEXT group last Thursday – 9 out of 10 of them completed – and we already have a bunch of eager folks lined up for our first group in January 2015.

The year since April been about getting FfC off the ground and Liz, Nicholas and I want to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that has supported us and helped make this all happen. This includes everyone that’s donated time, energy or expertise to us, be it donating money, writing contracts, sorting out the electrics in our building or fixing the printer in our office that I accidentally broke to name a few examples… as I sit here thinking about all the different ways people have helped, I feel massively moved by what people are capable of when they come together for a bloody great cause.

Happy holidays to you all. Right now, I feel I could sleep right through to 2015…


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