Fundraiser yoga class hosted by Triyoga

I’m teaching a yoga class on Friday 7th December at 7.30pm at Triyoga Shoreditch.

As you may well know, we work with people who have histories of drug/alcohol addiction and who, through the emotional pain of the trauma they experienced and their use of substances as a way to cope, become disconnected from their bodies and their sense of self. Nietschze once said that “there is more wisdom in your body than your deepest philosophy” – yet the majority of those we work with at FfC don’t have the kinds of relationships with their bodies that would enable them to access this innate knowledge. We harness the transformative power of education, running a range of courses that teach psychology, philosophy and feminist theory to help people make sense of their lives, reconnect to their sense of self and understand the world they want to be a part of. A huge part of our approach is around restoring the connection to the body and learning to listen to and feel something that is our birthright.

The class will be a gentle, open level class to provide a taste of how yoga can help build a relationship with the body and be used as a practice to cultivate self-compassion. The class is open to all, particularly welcoming individuals in recovery who may not have had the opportunity to experience the many benefits of yoga.

£10 with a £5 discount for individuals on low-incomes or benefits. Contact us for the promo code. Go to the Facebook page here to sign up for find the link to buy tickets. You can also show up on the night.

All proceeds from the class will be donated to the Foundation for Change.

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