“In order to optimise the whole, we must improve relationships among the parts”

Collaboration for Change, an initiative run by Foundation for Change and collaborators from the business world, is underpinned by the idea that for all of society to flourish, we need to harness the latent potential that lies in the relationship between the charity and business sectors. Charities have a wealth of expertise and reach that is often unutilized due to a lack of funding, capacity and technology; businesses have wealth and knowledge yet employees are increasingly looking for meaningful engagement that goes beyond tokenistic wall painting and sandwich making.

Collaboration for Change (CfC) aims to optimize this relationship and redefine how charities and businesses work together in a way that reflects the time in which we live.  

CfC takes place once every two months with a membership we aim to grow over time. It is  a hackathon-style get together where people from both the business and charity sectors work on a goal identified from each side. Each event will provide the space for networking opportunities that harness what can be achieved when people come together for a common goal.

We use technology to make the most of the sessions and to encourage collaboration, participation and networking between sessions. It enables us to continue conversations, post articles and documents, and cultivate relationships between sessions.

Please contact us if you’d like to be involved.