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Statistic One

1 in 5 people are affected by addiction

Statistic Two

The system isn’t working. 76% of people relapse within 6 months post treatment

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John completed Foundation for Change’s NEXT Project in 2014. This is his story.


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Home Testimonial One

“My experience at FfC was very different from treatment… I felt more like I was on a training course to help me gain knowledge and self-empowerment to move away from the ‘in recovery’ stigma that I took on”

– Jenny

Home Testimonial Two

“It was much more intense than anything I’ve done in the past, I looked at different things I had never looked at before. There is a huge emphasis on group work which helped me to learn trust, honesty and taking risks”

– John

Home Testimonial Three

“The education I received at FfC has changed my life. It has made my whole life make sense. It has liberated me and given me a greater understanding of every aspect of myself.”

– Rita