Respect and Nourish Yourself

Moving away from treatment services can often lead to isolation. We encourage graduates of our programmes to maintain care of themselves by attending our donation based weekly yoga class and monthly development group.

YOGA – We hold a 90-minute yoga class every Thursday evening from 5pm to 6.30pm at our offices in Hackney, exclusively for people who are currently on or who have graduated from any of our courses. The class is gentle and encourages people to develop a healthier relationship with their bodies, to relieve stress and to promote self care. It also provides an opportunity to meet and connect with others.

Ongoing self-development In 2016, we received £19,816 from the People’s Postcode Trust to expand the support we offer graduates from our training courses with ongoing skills and development. The monthly Peer Development Group no longer meets but we continue to offer one to one support for our graduates in furthering their career, training and education aspirations and their ongoing growth and development.