We have a deep understanding of inequality and the power dynamics operating in society that perpetuate disempowerment. We now bring this lens to the charity sector itself, seeing clear parallels between the systemic challenges we repeatedly face as a small charity struggling to survive and the individuals we work with.

Purpose of Collaboration for Change

Collaboration for Change (CfC) is underlined by the idea that for all of society to flourish, we need to harness the expertise and reach of the charity sector with the wealth and knowledge of the business sector. It aims to harness what can be achieved when groups of individuals come together for a common goal.

“In order to optimise the whole, we must improve relationships among the parts”

Collaboration for Change will be a bimonthly brunch meeting held in Shoreditch for charities and local businesses. It will consist of panel discussions, guest speakers and time for the attendees to connect and explore ways to collaborate.

Check back for further details.