Clothing with a conscience!

Clothing for Change (CfC) is both the name of our clothing line and our exciting new project starting in early 2018, based in Shoreditch, London. We will work with individuals in recovery from drug and alcohol dependency that want to learn sewing and garment construction techniques, either as the beginnings of a new career, or simply as a hobby.

Over a six month period, participants on CfC will be personally trained by Bex Exell, the tailor behind the clothing line, who will teach a variety of tailoring techniques that will lead to being able to create full items of clothing that can then be sold online to generate income that will go back into the project. They will work towards a level 1, recognised ‘Qualification in Progression’ and be given a precious opportunity to explore how creativity can be harnessed to help individuals realise their potential.

Other benefits experienced by the participants include:

  • Improved organisation and analytical skills, time management and problem solving.
  • Improved interpersonal skills as a result of being part of a small group for six months.
  • Raised awareness around individuals’ own personal skills, some of which they may have been unaware of prior to starting CfC.
  • The ability to produce and upcycle own clothing.

Bex has also created an Etsy page where she is selling her own creations. Money from each Etsy purchase will be split accordingly:

  • 25% covering material costs
  • 65% towards Clothing for Change project running costs
  • 10% donation to St Leonards Church (where we are based)